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9:25 AM


YOOO!! Happy Chinese New year!!
nice to see you on Chinese New Year!!
hehe.. i thought i wont be able online on this Chinese New Year,
but God wan to let me show u guys something i guess..
so it let me got internet connection!! xP
So now I'm having Chinese New Year lar..
at PERAK-ing~ enjoy the food and collecting ANGPAUSSS!!
so fun!! hehehe.. fun fun also..
i nvr forget u guys!! still rmb to snap some photos for u all!!
so our theme is Chinese New Year!!
snap some Oranges photos!!
hope you guys ANG ANG whole year ar!!

I heard before something about Reunion Dinner,
Reunion Dinner no need so OVER!!
like how some ppl did, they need over 1k+ for 1 meal,
isnt worth it? if worth then what's the meaning of Reunion Dinner?
to show off how rich you are? LOL!
The main thing of Reunion Dinner is whole family sit down,
at the same table,
at the same chair,
having the same food,
having all the stuff on the table,
this what REUNION DINNER mean!!
so i nvr aspect any big feast from them,
jz feel so good when whole family having a dinner TOGETHER~
how great was that.. =)
hope you guys out thr already had a great great REUNION DINNER with you family~
Have Blast in this Rabbit Year! Huat ahh!!
Happy Chinese New again..
Cheersss!! Yum  Sengg!!! *PS, i nvr drink.. replace with cola perhaps? hehe!!

Happy Chinese New Year

Reunion Dinner


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year broo !

家顺 said...

thanks broo!!

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