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12:11 PM

15/2/2011 Part 1

Hello guys,
been a few days nvr update my bloggies,
sorry ya, busyin edit a few my new album.
the time doesnt allow me to do so.
so tonight eventually i got a little spare time so will update it.

Oh ya, recently i had make a new page on facebook,
and hope u guys can give me a like on it,
above thr got 2 like button, 1 is in the black box and another 1 is the white box.
just click on it to support me^^ ain't hard right to jz click on it ? hehe..
and pls do giv me some comment at this blog,
on my post if u like it ya, now my blog so quiet leh. sienz ler.. >
dun forget lehh. =P

One more is recently i made a trip to some hill near by my house,
and captured a few photos, and im here to share with u,
i share my photos, and u share ur own opinion ya^^
here is a few.. hope u like it.
Rmb give me a LIKE on the box.. =))

Bukit Layang Layang
Bukit Layang Layang

Bukit Layang Layang

Bukit Layang Layang


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