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8:36 AM


Yooo!! i today is the first day of CNY!!
LOL! i woke up VERY VERY VERY late.. ~.~
almost 3pm baru wake up. Zzz.. WTH..
but yeah. still manage to go my uncle house.. xD
fuiyoo.. his house become super BIG liao..
he say he spend over 200k to his house. =__=
but is worth it i think,
the house really big and comfortable la..
and his grandchildren very DAK YI  yerr!!
but too bad, i nvr bring my camera..
dun disappointed!! my phone still can capture photos!!
but the quality of the photos very bad lar..
aiyorr.. haihxx.. nvm la.. as long captured then shall be ok gua~ xD
here is that little cuttie.. hen CUTE!!
i wan a daughter also!!!
Dummy, i dowan son le.. born me a daughter pls!

Da cuttie...


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