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9:14 AM


Hallo everyone,
Sorry for no update my blog, =((
CNY a little bit busy travelling and walk here walk thr,
a little bit busy lar.. and many things happen,
guess the unhappy things no need to tell la,
it jz make me sad nia. better dun think le.
btw, How you guys doin ? holidays ended..
dun too sad lurr.. hehe.. when is the next holiday ? @___@
i also not really know la, cz im havin my sembreak now.
and i hav a few photography outing with frens lar,
went for some photoshoot and i made my first HDR but phailled~ sobs..
nvm, i still will uploaded it at here, altho phailled but a good try for me.. =))
guess no need write so long lea,
you guys also lazy to read too much..
show you all picha directly better. =))


Ipoh Fukuoka

KongKong Laut

KongKong Laut

My first HDR


Anonymous said...

work hard .. again and again !

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