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11:14 AM

Penang Trip with Classmate DIN1/TARC Part 2

Yoo ! hi guys..
This part 2 of my Penang trip,
sorry late update at here,
yea really no time.
if you interested with my photos,
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This mty Facebook @ Kah Soon and this is my page Facebook Page @ KahSoon Photos
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4:17 PM

Penang Trip with Classmate DIN1/TARC

Hello guys !!
nice to see you all again..
guess is time to update something in this blog.
sorry due to not so often blogging now, hehe..
but yeah still i love blogging. =))
Oh ya.. pass few days, i went to Penang with my DIN1/TARC classmate.
a great trip, we walked through whole penang and
gained a great experience at thr..
and captured a few great photos also,
jz done a few photos, still got more to go. !!
ill get back to u guys later..
view the first part of my journey first.. =))

12:14 PM

Facebook Pages

Hi guys... guess what ?
Im on Vacation now.. LOL!!
so this post wont able to upload any photos la.
ehh.. btw, i created a Facebook Pages for my photography,
but look like no ppl supporting lea.. sobs.. =(
so do you guys mind support me ?
share it out to your friends lea.. hehe..
thanks ya !
here's the link..
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12:56 PM

KahSoon Photoproduction REBORN !!!!

Hello everyone... been ages nvr update the blog..
yeah! hell busy at collage life !
Short Semester jz too sucks ! been rushing for everything,
and HELL YEAH ! now finish Finals..
so freakin release now.. phewww...
Recently I had a shooting at St Mary's Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur.
it was a damn nice Church.
great for shooting, but before you enter ask for permission first,
hehe.. later like me kena scolded by the ppl :P
and here share something with you..
had many nice picture also, but will post it at another day.
today too tired ad la..  HAHA !
Enjoy man ! =)

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