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8:35 AM


This the photos that i think is the best among others,
altho it is simple, but it shows out the daily lifes,
you can figure it out more than that i guess,
still your brain and stay clear,
and try figure out the meaning of every picture,
every single picture bringing out a lot of meaning.
It's just depends on how your brain figure it out. 
4:32 AM

SG Trip!!

Those are some Photos Filtered from my SG trip!
captured with quite good angle
for more photos,
refer to my FB profile.

Got some 3D feel.

Orchard Road


9:39 AM

Photoshop Tutorial : Photo Editing! 30% SUCCESS!!

Hehehe!! Finally!
get some effect I desire!
Wheee... not bad. ^^

YY n Mia

9:54 AM

Squash Buddies. =)

Team for today Tournament!
Great day and have a lot of fun with  them.

Team Lazer

Team Alpha

Team T.I.B

Team Victory

Team Demon

Team Phoenix

Team Unknown

Team Random

7:47 AM

Dell Inspiron One 2205

Dell Inspiron One 2205
Dell Inspiron 2205 with TOUCH SCREEN!!!

Surfing.. Surfing.. Surfing..
Chack! I saw Dell website!
then this Inspiron 2205 attracted my eye sight!
damn! TOUCH SCREEN some more. >,<~ 
argg!! I wan to get 1 set also! 
haihx!  very nice ler.. xD

10:16 AM

My dumssy messy place. -.-

Damn messy my table! 
aduii.. no time clean up!

WTF. messy dao. -.-

10:09 AM

TS Trip with my Little Kimmy^^

Today went out with my kimmy!^^ 
Juz nice. 
not really great trip
cz raininggg~!! 
but still OK lah.. hehe..

waiting Monorel...

Reach TS.

Honey Bake =)
Not so many ppl ner.

Everyday JAM JAM JAM.. -.-

Find one things.. ? =)

8:40 AM

Happy Anniversary For Them. =)

Gratz to the Couple. ^^
Chan Tuang Leng & Tan Xiao Pei
5:32 AM


Follow BuBu go PC Fair KapLui. 
My PLKN friends.
Garmin Show Girl

Some Game de Show Girl lur.

Miki :)
My gan jie.
she so short now.

5:08 AM
Some new Picture.
Drop me some of your Precious comment. =)



Speed. :)

Rexona Men

1:26 AM


raining agian~ can't go out for photo shooting lor.
So i put my Elmo as object. xD
Here is the picca,
Which 1 better?
White background ?
Black background ? 
drop ur comment at Chat box yarh! :)

White Background

Black Background

2:05 PM

Photoshop Tutorial : Cropping Mode Second Try.

iSomnia >,<~ 
wake up and photoshop!
result is... taraaahhh~
Practice makes Perfect.
second try of editing.
altho abit bad, but okie larx. =)

12:06 PM

Photoshop Tutorial : Cropping Mode.

Yes! The clock pointing at 4am in the morning,
and I'm still awake.
Learning Photoshop CS3. =)
Lesson XX Crop Image.
and my result quite bad.. ><

4:33 AM

sickkk.. =(

haihx... Sick = suffering
the first time sick at KL..
pain dao duno how to say,
sit also bo ngam, sleep also bo ngam,
i also duno wad i can do liao.
sick until whole face swollen now!
wtF diesease im having now.!
damn! the medicine not working de,
eat liao 2 pain killers, but the pains still thr!
WTF!! haihxx..
someone help me nehh..
sobs. 2moro go collage apply leave for 1 week,
then go bek jb rest na.. haihh.. ><
sufferrr... x.X"
3:07 AM


没有你的日子真难过啊... =P
6:07 AM

Klang Trip..

Have a great Deppavali at Klang with da geng.. =)

we went eat seafood at Klang.

we went cycle at duno wad Bukit de.

we went to Rumah what 4 Iklim de.

we went eat Bak Kut Teh.

we went to Setia Alam Pasar Malam.

we went to MidValley.

what a great trip.

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