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9:37 AM
Life is made up of some happy moments and some sad ones. 
Neither can one have a life that has only joyous moments,
nor is it possible for you to have only grief in your life.
Just like two sides of a coin,
life also presents us with two sentiments
happiness and sorrow. 
It is how much are we able to revel in happiness 
and how quickly we get over the sorrow that decides 
how we live the moments in our life. 
While some people suffer from distress silently, 
others pen it down in words.
How about YOU? 
How did you express it out?

5:32 AM

Old Classmate..

My brain is numb nw!!
grhh.. play too much CSO i guess.
but in my brain thinking of someone,
some old classmate of mine,
i wonder why ya?
the last time i meet her i think is on 2008-SPM examination,
and that was the last, until yesterday.
she came KL to find her sister,
and while asked me out to meet her @ KLCC.
OMGosH! she totally changed..
it was like another person,
really changed dramatically..
Really..!! my GOD!!
how nice was it,
if I'm at MMU now.. HAHA..
I still remember we last time nvr talk before in da class,
err.. not NEVER but seldom lah,
altho same class, xD
maybe the effect on environment i guess.
jz 1 word to describe her for nw..
" Perfect!! "

5 Delima (PA/08)
10:38 PM

My Love...♥

An empty street
An empty house
A hole inside my heart
I'm all alone and the rooms are getting smaller
I wonder how, I wonder why
I wonder where they are
The days we had, the songs we sang together
And oh my love
I'm holding on forever
Reaching for a love that seem so far
So I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue
To see you once again, my love
Overseas from coast to coast
To find the place I love the most
Where the fields are green
To see you once again, my love...
10:21 AM

End... ♥

Today many many things happen...
first is my leg,
sipeh pain after play squash.
mayb be a statue too long liao
den exercise abit beh tahan jor.
nw sipeh pain lur..
pain dao wan stand up also susah..
haihxx.. hope can recover nar..
if nt next week kenot play squash ler. ><

and today is also quite meaningful..
is the day we ended everything,
times up.. 
the story sudah habis.
director has shouted CUT..
still got abit bu she de lar.
but what to do.
she had made a decision,
not once, not twice, not trice,
is like so many times she wanted to ended it,
but i still tryin to pulling it back,
but too bad.. 
this time i couldn't pulling it anymore..
it doesnt has anything that i think,
worth for me to tam her back..
reminded so many times,
everytime repeating the same mistake..
haihh.. consider as "you yuen wu fen ba"

Time WAKE up!!!
dun think ler.. she wont coming back anymore,
she not yours,
I'm still who I am..
all the plans gonna stop,
i think..
everything stop here.

 ~ The End ~ 
8:16 AM

Hug it! or Hold it!

I have no energy to think all those unhappy stuff,
is kinda tired to angry, emo and it's kinda stress!!
unhappy stuff just like a heavy bag,
if the bag too heavy, it only will make u slower,
it doesnt help you anything.
its same like those unhappy stuff,
if u too unhappy, it just will make you worst,
so what for think about it?
just waste energy isnt?
just open ur arm and accept whatever is coming,
don't slowing down da mind and heart..
not worth it man!!
If the things is yours, forever is yours..
if wasn't then what to do?
just accept the fate..
we can lie ourself, but cant lie to GOD..
whatever we do he is watching..
so now, i had decided to accept whatever is coming to me,
and just do it! dont hurt dao anyone jiu ok le..
I always rmbe,
"Love is caring about other first then only ourself "
eventho sometime i treat ppl good,
but they treat me like a shit,
but still... I will treat them as the same..
ppl doest talk to you doesnt mean they dont care u..
is just the problem of communicate in between..
so, Forget the past tense, Think for present tense..
11:57 AM

Padini Authentics again!!
so many new polo-T..
but too bad,
nvr bought much also..
just a few pieces..HAHA!
but satisfy my outing for today~
spend alot n gain alot too.. xD
but too bad, 
no club for this week..
No KAKI ar!! haihh.

woootss!! xixixi... so happy.. 

Today also went to,
New York Skin Solution..
do facial ahh..
siok daooo!!!
the treatment is awesome wey!
gonna go for 2nd time.!!
Im so damn Freaking Lucky boy..

My Giorgio Armani reaching MY soon!!
Lilian is arriving soon..
cant wait to apply my perfume. 
Im so damn happy!!
everything is saying HELLO to me..
Im just way too lucky.. xD
born in this world 
with full of happiness and Joy.
12:12 PM

takE oR leaVe?

today I had learned 1 things...
I belajar dao,
when we shall take it,
and when shall we leave it..
altho sometimes you couldnt bear to leave it,
but yah! you should!!
it might a better ending when u leave it.
and might a good decision also~
but when you gonna take it,
den your shall bear the consequences!!
alright is good or bad..
you must accept it after u take it. 
Take it OR Leave it?
1:24 AM

ViviaN Doggy Luweee~

noti dog~ keep barking.. yerr..

Noti luweee..
what she staring at??  =))

finally manage to take tis noti luwee de pict~ 

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