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11:48 AM

Happy Chinese New Year !!

Hi everyone!!
YOO!!! CNY around the CORNER!!
hehehe.. but too bad,
i'm going back KAMPUNG tmr..
so no more update until i come back.
and before i leave,
I wanna wish everyone who celebrating CNY,
to that BIG QUEEN, sorry i can't accompany you anymore,
take care, shall the thorn be remove soon.
CNY dun eat too much.
shen ti bu hao jiu duo zhao gu zi ji,
I won't 24hr's at your side anymore.
Have Blast at this CNY la.. Enjoy the day.
is time for me to say good bye now ppl,
see you guys after i coming back from Perak!
will update more after that!!
perhaps the Kampung Scenery more nicer..
Good luck and Have a safe journey!
Have Fun.
Thanks For Visit.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Hei Fat Choi

3:46 AM

Early CNY post!!

Hi guys, nice to see you again!!
CNY is around the corner..
but i guess i wont update on CNY la,
since i balik kampung,
and thr might dont have any internet connection,
so i update it early!! hehe..
Wish those who celebrating CNY,
Happy Chinese New Year! Have a Prosperity New Year!!
and those who having holiday,
Happy Holiday!! Enjoy the day!! =)
ppl who balik Kampung d, have fun at kampung!
include me la.. hehe..
anyway, have fun in this coming Chinese New Year!!
Home Sweet Home...

Home Sweet Home

12:01 PM


Hi guys, nice to see you again,
today my mood not really good,
i had no idea why,
just need somebody to talk,
but no one willing to talk with me,
how sad.. haihh..
guess only photography can fill up my loneliness..
everytime when my mood was down,
photoshop is the best buddy of mine,
hope every picture that post at here,
you guys like it.
Thanks For visit !! =)

Pantai Pasir Layar

10:57 AM


Hi everybody,
nice to see you guys again.
today idk why suddenly feel like blogging before sleep,
altho very tired,
but i still feel like update something,
those day my blog kinda quiet,
wonder whr my reader's gone..
anyhow, to all the fellas out thr,
who still willing to visit my blog,
thanks alot.!
I appreciate it. =)
I hope you guys like my picha,
altho it is not nice, but this what i can give..
Thank guys!

Which Way...

1:17 PM

Post to my dummy!

Halo 笨蛋!
everyday i wake up,
i wish to saw ur name appear on my phone,
but u always wake up late than me  de nor..
Babi betul you!! sleep so long..
time pass so fast, kita pun sudah kenal almost 5 months liao.
Wow! coming will be 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and so on...
but it will come true anot?
i hope will la... sure will de nor hor babi? xD
5 months also bla bla passed jor,
1 year, 2 year, or 3 year ?  sap sap water la. =P
hope everything will goes fine,
going smoothly lor.. bu yao everyday argue la.
tired ner stupid! haih!
everytime say me 小气鬼..
but you more 小气 lo!! hahaha.. noob dao si!
this picha for you d nor..
hope u likey ya! =]

1:28 AM


Hi everyone,
today actually gonna out for shooting,
but the weather gosh!!
ruin everything!!
nvm.. i still got something to share..
hehe.. hope u will like it!
Thanks for visit!!

10:24 AM


Hi guys!
Here's again ya!!
Nice to see u all again~ =D
Sorry recently no time to Blogging,
due to CNY around the corner,
So not really got extra time to hold camera,
my time just full with the broom and mop!!
tired man..
but today i got a little things to share~
hope you guys like it! ^^
Thanks For visit!!


5:21 AM


One day, 
If I die, would your remember me ?
One day,
If I lost my way, would you come and guide me ?
One day,
If I cry, would you come and persuade me ?
One day,
If I leave you, would you cry for me ?

4:42 AM

21/1/2011 Part 2

Hi everyone,
Yes, i come back from KL to JB,
and thr is a new bus station at Tasik Selatan.
Pheww!! the new station wan awesome weyy!!
hehe!! and the ticket also very nice. =)
here it is.. 
Thanks for visit.. 

New Bus Ticket

10:59 AM


Hi everyone,
here's again my update!
today i did some random editing,
and unluckily, i found the effect i DESIRE!!
OMG!. I'm so happy! hehe..
Hope this picture can brighten up your day!
Thanks for visit!
Visit often ya! ^^

Kuala Lumpur
8:50 AM


Today make my dummy 不开心!
ya, my bad! my fault! haihx!!
now saying sorry also no use.
see how she respond ba..
Once again,
Thanks for visit! :'(

3:10 AM

a small post to my dummy!

Hi everyone,
This small post i special wrote to my little dummy!
She is busying now,
so i have extra time to capture a simple photos and photoshop! x)
she not as pretty as others,
she not slim enough for others, *she say de, i nvr say ah! xD *
she not cleaver like others,
she not rich like others,
but for me is more than enough already,
perhaps now everyone of you guessing who is she right?
ya maybe someday or one day i will show it to you all.
in this blog by post OUR picha la! hehe!
Wan sEe? slowly and wait laa! x)
My little dummy! all da best for everything ya!
gaH yaO aH! dun give up!!
I always be there for you! =)

Love ya always de 笨蛋!
3:14 AM


Hi everyone,
nice to see you again! ^^
Sorry exams ya! but as i promise,
once i free i will upload some photos,
yet so far tmr is my last paper,
so today will be a little bit free,
edit this photos. KLCC.
Hope you guys like it!
Once again,
Thanks For Visit.  Cheers!!

KLCC Malaysia

KahSoon PhotoProduction!! =)
5:57 PM


Hi everyone! 
Here's again some of my creation!
Today got exam! but read the notes until GILA..
so hand itchy go edit photos! haha!
here you go, Just to share..
If not nice then don't blame me lah. =x



3:57 AM

My Art Work

Recently I had saw a lot of art works from different people,
seriously I admire at their photos a lot!
wonder how they did that. 
Here is mine! Hope You all will Like it. 
For more photos go to my Facebook!
Here's the link! -->  My Facebook Link! =]

The Soul of Nature

The Moment

The Art of Photography

10:54 AM

Photoshop Tutorial : Photo Editing!!

Landscape photos are more easy to edit!
Here is mine.
i edit-ed the colour and resized.
Guess not too bad.
Thanks For Visit!

1:10 PM

Photoshop Tutorial : Photo Editing Second Part

I got nth to do,
while waiting time flies,
I edit-ed some photos in my collection.
I don't know whether the picture is nice anot,
but feel free to comment. ! ^.^
Thanks for Visit!!.. =)

8:06 AM

A Small tRip tO Ipoh!

Yeah! Went to Ipoh yesterday..
like usual I'll blogged up a few nice photos in 
this bloggie.
Hope you enjoY it! 
Thanks for Visit!

Just the Railway 

9:32 AM

Sky On My Laps~

Today manage to took some photos!
SkY! ehehe! 
quite OK la i guess.

Dark Cloud COMING!!

Raining SOON!

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