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11:05 AM

Last Post for The blog...

Hey ya~ been a time no updates..
very miss here and this blog too.
today this post is jz to inform u guys,
this blog will be temporary CLOSED..
i still will open it, but jz no more updates !
will quit from photography a while..
no idea when i will be back,
mayb long, mayb short..
totally no idea.. btw, guys who having their photography journey now,
ill wish u guys all the best..
and best of luck in this 2011 year~
See more, Capture more, Press your Shutter BADLY~ =))

Good luck !!
9:56 AM


hey ya~
so long no update da bloggiee..
yeah no time.. kinda busy lar.
with collage and assignment seems coming liao,
midterm also.. sorry ya!
share something with u guys today.

Petaling Street|KL

Petaling Street|KL

Petaling Street|KL

Petaling Street|KL

12:26 PM

15/2/2011 Part 2

Hi, here is the part 2 of today,
i forget i had some portrait shooting, haha
just saw it, i went to Bukit Layang Layang, Pasir Gudang
for some portrait shooting also,
the result quite ok la. but thousand of picture,
only a few been selected and edited.
here is it. hope u guys like it.
Enjoy reading it and don't forget drop me some comment and LIKE~
Share it to ur frens ya! ^^

Bukit Layang Layang
Model: Hafiz Misran
Bukit Layang Layang
Model: Hafiz Misran
Bukit Layang Layang
Model: Hafiz Misran

Bukit Layang Layang
Model: Hafiz Misran

12:11 PM

15/2/2011 Part 1

Hello guys,
been a few days nvr update my bloggies,
sorry ya, busyin edit a few my new album.
the time doesnt allow me to do so.
so tonight eventually i got a little spare time so will update it.

Oh ya, recently i had make a new page on facebook,
and hope u guys can give me a like on it,
above thr got 2 like button, 1 is in the black box and another 1 is the white box.
just click on it to support me^^ ain't hard right to jz click on it ? hehe..
and pls do giv me some comment at this blog,
on my post if u like it ya, now my blog so quiet leh. sienz ler.. >
dun forget lehh. =P

One more is recently i made a trip to some hill near by my house,
and captured a few photos, and im here to share with u,
i share my photos, and u share ur own opinion ya^^
here is a few.. hope u like it.
Rmb give me a LIKE on the box.. =))

Bukit Layang Layang
Bukit Layang Layang

Bukit Layang Layang

Bukit Layang Layang

1:13 AM

11/2/2011 Photography Software

Hi people. long time no see ehh..
how are u all. sorry ya few day no blogging. hehe.
busy on learning some photograph skills lur..
capturing, editing, and publishing. xP

oh ya.. this post wanna talk about editing abit.
 So now, just now i found a software.
 that i think it's great for portrait editing.
i tried and result was awesome ! freakin me out man !!
here is my result.. interested with the software ?
if got many request the ill show u how to get it..
drop me a comment ya.. hehe..
will publish it soon. btw it's paid software.
 but u guys sure will go crack it. u all so bad.
hahaa!! same do i.. ok! say nth show u my result first. =))

Before and After

9:14 AM


Hallo everyone,
Sorry for no update my blog, =((
CNY a little bit busy travelling and walk here walk thr,
a little bit busy lar.. and many things happen,
guess the unhappy things no need to tell la,
it jz make me sad nia. better dun think le.
btw, How you guys doin ? holidays ended..
dun too sad lurr.. hehe.. when is the next holiday ? @___@
i also not really know la, cz im havin my sembreak now.
and i hav a few photography outing with frens lar,
went for some photoshoot and i made my first HDR but phailled~ sobs..
nvm, i still will uploaded it at here, altho phailled but a good try for me.. =))
guess no need write so long lea,
you guys also lazy to read too much..
show you all picha directly better. =))


Ipoh Fukuoka

KongKong Laut

KongKong Laut

My first HDR

8:36 AM


Yooo!! i today is the first day of CNY!!
LOL! i woke up VERY VERY VERY late.. ~.~
almost 3pm baru wake up. Zzz.. WTH..
but yeah. still manage to go my uncle house.. xD
fuiyoo.. his house become super BIG liao..
he say he spend over 200k to his house. =__=
but is worth it i think,
the house really big and comfortable la..
and his grandchildren very DAK YI  yerr!!
but too bad, i nvr bring my camera..
dun disappointed!! my phone still can capture photos!!
but the quality of the photos very bad lar..
aiyorr.. haihxx.. nvm la.. as long captured then shall be ok gua~ xD
here is that little cuttie.. hen CUTE!!
i wan a daughter also!!!
Dummy, i dowan son le.. born me a daughter pls!

Da cuttie...

9:25 AM


YOOO!! Happy Chinese New year!!
nice to see you on Chinese New Year!!
hehe.. i thought i wont be able online on this Chinese New Year,
but God wan to let me show u guys something i guess..
so it let me got internet connection!! xP
So now I'm having Chinese New Year lar..
at PERAK-ing~ enjoy the food and collecting ANGPAUSSS!!
so fun!! hehehe.. fun fun also..
i nvr forget u guys!! still rmb to snap some photos for u all!!
so our theme is Chinese New Year!!
snap some Oranges photos!!
hope you guys ANG ANG whole year ar!!

I heard before something about Reunion Dinner,
Reunion Dinner no need so OVER!!
like how some ppl did, they need over 1k+ for 1 meal,
isnt worth it? if worth then what's the meaning of Reunion Dinner?
to show off how rich you are? LOL!
The main thing of Reunion Dinner is whole family sit down,
at the same table,
at the same chair,
having the same food,
having all the stuff on the table,
this what REUNION DINNER mean!!
so i nvr aspect any big feast from them,
jz feel so good when whole family having a dinner TOGETHER~
how great was that.. =)
hope you guys out thr already had a great great REUNION DINNER with you family~
Have Blast in this Rabbit Year! Huat ahh!!
Happy Chinese New again..
Cheersss!! Yum  Sengg!!! *PS, i nvr drink.. replace with cola perhaps? hehe!!

Happy Chinese New Year

Reunion Dinner

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