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8:16 AM

Hug it! or Hold it!

I have no energy to think all those unhappy stuff,
is kinda tired to angry, emo and it's kinda stress!!
unhappy stuff just like a heavy bag,
if the bag too heavy, it only will make u slower,
it doesnt help you anything.
its same like those unhappy stuff,
if u too unhappy, it just will make you worst,
so what for think about it?
just waste energy isnt?
just open ur arm and accept whatever is coming,
don't slowing down da mind and heart..
not worth it man!!
If the things is yours, forever is yours..
if wasn't then what to do?
just accept the fate..
we can lie ourself, but cant lie to GOD..
whatever we do he is watching..
so now, i had decided to accept whatever is coming to me,
and just do it! dont hurt dao anyone jiu ok le..
I always rmbe,
"Love is caring about other first then only ourself "
eventho sometime i treat ppl good,
but they treat me like a shit,
but still... I will treat them as the same..
ppl doest talk to you doesnt mean they dont care u..
is just the problem of communicate in between..
so, Forget the past tense, Think for present tense..


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