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10:21 AM

End... ♥

Today many many things happen...
first is my leg,
sipeh pain after play squash.
mayb be a statue too long liao
den exercise abit beh tahan jor.
nw sipeh pain lur..
pain dao wan stand up also susah..
haihxx.. hope can recover nar..
if nt next week kenot play squash ler. ><

and today is also quite meaningful..
is the day we ended everything,
times up.. 
the story sudah habis.
director has shouted CUT..
still got abit bu she de lar.
but what to do.
she had made a decision,
not once, not twice, not trice,
is like so many times she wanted to ended it,
but i still tryin to pulling it back,
but too bad.. 
this time i couldn't pulling it anymore..
it doesnt has anything that i think,
worth for me to tam her back..
reminded so many times,
everytime repeating the same mistake..
haihh.. consider as "you yuen wu fen ba"

Time WAKE up!!!
dun think ler.. she wont coming back anymore,
she not yours,
I'm still who I am..
all the plans gonna stop,
i think..
everything stop here.

 ~ The End ~ 


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