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3:10 AM

a small post to my dummy!

Hi everyone,
This small post i special wrote to my little dummy!
She is busying now,
so i have extra time to capture a simple photos and photoshop! x)
she not as pretty as others,
she not slim enough for others, *she say de, i nvr say ah! xD *
she not cleaver like others,
she not rich like others,
but for me is more than enough already,
perhaps now everyone of you guessing who is she right?
ya maybe someday or one day i will show it to you all.
in this blog by post OUR picha la! hehe!
Wan sEe? slowly and wait laa! x)
My little dummy! all da best for everything ya!
gaH yaO aH! dun give up!!
I always be there for you! =)

Love ya always de 笨蛋!


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