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1:18 PM

Summary For my First Sem at KL~

After ended my UTAR life, 
I went to Setapak KL!! TARC!!! whee~
altho TARC campus are quite old than UTAR campus,
but it's a new beginning of my Study Life.. :)

I learned a lot at KL and lost a lot too.. 
making new friends is kinda fun and nice.
imma grateful.
coz all my KL new friends are SOO nice!!
but still SOME are kinda suxx.. 
but who will bother those bugger~ right? 
so let them be bahh...

In TARC, I was quite enjoying..
making new friends, hanging out, study group, etc etc...
the most important is, 
I HATE EXAMS!!! grrr!! 
whole semester was like Vacation like that..
but suddenly.....
"ALAMAK!! 2molo EXAM!!! shitt!!!"
then study like HELL!!!
OMG~ 2weeks examination was like *damn it man!!*
this the most stress part!! HAHA!!                                  

Tambahan pula, KL also bringing the most painful memories!!
In my life THAT was the first time!! 
and i think THAT will be the last time~!!
the most BLACK DAY in my life.. T^T 
although my parents doesn't say anything,
but i feel bad about what i did.. I'm Sorry.. :(

At here, some bring me to HEAVEN and some bring me to HELL,
I let myself know how important patient is,
be patient is the way to solve everything..
and I saw that how MONEY can change a person,
most important i saw is,
some ppl bcoz of money can /......
i think i dont need to talk about it..
in my mind you was a good person but when i saw that scene,
seriously I shocked man!!
eww!! still got this kind of ppl ar!! WALAOWEHH!!!
You might say money not EVERYTHING,
but if You dont have money You are NOTHING!!

                                         to be cont......


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