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1:18 PM

Another memorable DAY~ =)

Leslie Lip and Clarice Yap. =) 
Happy Birthday Clarice~
Keep fit yeah!! dun eat the cake too much!
I hope ur DIET wish will come true larhh.

After Celebrate Clarice birthday,
we went dimsum at Kepong..
just near by clarice house onii~
seriously the dimsum here damnn niceee!!
can often come kepong eat dimsum liaww. 
burpp.. ops.. xD

Gathering after First Sem Final EXAMS!!!.

YOO!! Finish EXAMs~ :D
Yeah, after finish exams
we went to BAR.B.Q Plaza at T.Square..
Me~ =)

This My Lunch!!
yummyyy~ xD
look like alot.. 
but tak kenyang punya.. 
habis 80bucks at this meal..LOL!!
devided by 4ppl lar! 
not 1 ppl 80bucks arrr.. HAHA..

got lenglui serve de here..
okok oni.. tak berapa Leng lohh. xP

QS Group Stardeee~~~ .:D

Last QS Group Study!!
pheww!! seriously a tired day.. 
and hor, keep kena marah aje loh!!
sikit here marah, sikit there marah~
make me until so scaree.. D:
but i learned something lar~ haha..

This YY ahh!!
ppl ask her come study,
she come here talking talking talking...
ishh.. x.X''


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There was an error in this gadget

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