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10:43 AM

Revived Post ~ Penang !!!

Hey bloggers !!!
what a long time din make any post after my last post...
Yeah, kinda a little bit lazy post ard,
since this photography blog and i ard stop photograph,
so lazy update lak.. sorry peoples...

This post jz post for fun lak,
nth much actually, jz simply larhhh.. =P hehe...
oh ya.. and few days ago i been to Penang with my classmate,
yeahh.. kinda a sudden trip without any further planning,
jz drove to thr directly, luckily got many friends at thr.
so we got saved.

I taken a few picture with my phone and i know the quality is not good as DSLR,
but so far good equipment doesnt tells ur skill anyway,
is a big challenge also lak, i used iPhone for shooting,
hurmm.. the picture taken also not bad lak. haha!!
well, i still got some skill at photography. =P
here share with u some..
Enjoy and drop your comments peeps.
Dont forget follow me also.

View from the Hotel, Taken by my iPhone (non-edit)

This view of Batu Ferringhi 


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