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4:53 AM

staRdEeee daY!!! 加油加油!!

Early-Early morning wake up!!
WADAFAK sunday got EXAM!!! 

PV12 view from 24th Floor!!
so nice,
but kinda dangerous..
if jatuh sure MATI~ -.-''

LengLeng house at Pv12.
v clean o.. =)

START stardeee CHAPTER1!!!
Studying alone,while that LengLeng bathing..
kinda hard!!
tak paham wad imma reading!!

HAHA!! I mastered Chapter1 and 2 liaww..
Very easy de!!
but i read why tak paham leh?
Im a BAKA? = = LOL!

Chapter 2 so many Formula to memorizee..
seriously Zzz... >.<"

My Dear LengLeng trying to solve Chapter4 de question!!
nasib baik she last minutes got it~
if not then she sure GG lorhh.

Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.
Sometimes we might let anger controlling us,
but once you released from anger.
try to cover up ur mistake!!
peace yoo!! =)

Oh My... I think I Like someone~ 
Her smile is so sweet.. =)
she with a pair of little cute eyes.. ^^
altho it looks quite EVIL!!
but it was sOoo damn cuteee~ :)


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